The only entity who is responsible for the entire development of family or village or State or whole nation is a woman. As an individual, they can flawlessly play multiple roles in everyday life with grace. In the world population, women comprise of about half, but since centuries have been the neglected fraction of the society as the source of potential towards economic activity. However current times have changed, and women have become equal competent as men in every field. Women Empowerment!! The biggest buzz of the current times worldwide. From being the next emerging market or dominant advertising strategy, it has made its presence everywhere as the most debatable matter of concern. Be it finding a space in boardrooms of MNCs to excelling in sports, women have made its place in every possible area. Now, what is this much-talked women empowerment all about? Overall improvement of political, social, economic and health status of women thereby enhancing the productivity of the nation is what women empowerment is all about. Equipping them with rightful skills to handle challenges of the world with confidence and grace is what empowering women actually means. From surveys, it has come across that with passing years the number of women CEO working in Fortune 500 companies have been exponentially increasing. Organisations have also taken initiative through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards upliftment and empowering women. Every individual should consider it a social responsibility to help towards women empowerment for the dream of a progressive nation to be fulfilled.

Now rises the real question -how can the society help in women empowerment? How can a person contribute towards upliftment of women? Equity is the key to this question which needed to be instilled be it home, workplace or society. The answer simply lies in the fact that even just merely considering the existence of women with respect is the first step towards empowering them. Start young is the motto, to begin with, by empowering young girls, be it their simple existence or making them knowledgeable, it is the responsibility of the society to accept a girl child with equal joy and pompous as a male child. Just as there is a very old saying “Charity begins at home”, similarly home is the first step where her journey of empowering herself begins.

Here are few ways one can contribute towards women empowerment:

  • Get them educated. Be it becoming a mentor to a young girl or contributing few hours in a week towards educating women, should be understood as part of social responsibility of an individual
  • Provide help to young women to join young engagement programmes to equip themselves with rightful skills to be competent to survive the real world.
  • Create abundance investment opportunities for women entrepreneurs through grants or loans.
  • Be supportive of their independence physically, mentally as well as economically.
  • Corporate culture should be made as such to fit in equally both women and men. Be it acceptance of women CEO or leave policies or simply day to day survival at work, should be in equity.
  • Encourage women in taking up public leadership roles.
  • Encourage self-defense training among women.

With acceptance and awareness, the world can surely achieve women empowerment. An unbiased environment is a key to creating many successful women contributing to the progression of the country in equal percentage as men. Though the barriers have been broken for women since the last few decades and women of modern society have become capable of shouldering responsibility be it home or work. Still wondering as to how to contribute towards empowering women? Just simply contribute towards the creation of a world where a woman can meet their potential without deterrent and preconceptions.

Empowering women begins at home!!