If you’re on the green wave and want to make your office, business, foundation or organization more environmentally and socially friendly, you might need some advice or tips to know where, to begin with. That’s why we bring you a little guide to start having a more eco-friendly enterprise:

Cut-off paper

In the middle of the internet era, it is impossible to deny that most of the things we do on paper can be done in digital. That’s why cutting-off paper is one of the easiest ways to start making your organization more environmentally friendly. Promoting the use of recycled paper, media solutions and recycling policies, are a great way to introduce your staff to green thinking. It’s important, of course, that you let them understand why these changes and the significance of their compliment.

Recycle spam!

Another excellent way to start making your organization more environmentally friendly is: get lots and lots of recycling bins, label them well and explaining to every employee what product they might contain. Put them all over the place, next to your regular trash cans and sooner than later you’ll be recycling more and more materials: glass, plastic, batteries, and chargers even cell phones. Just remember to check your area recycling regulations so the effort won’t be lost.

Environment and social rewards

The best way to get employees committed to something is by offering them rewards, that’s why to make your organization more environmentally and socially friendly it could be necessary to offer some kind of performance reward. Those rewards are usually more effective when it results in life quality for the employee instead of only monetary gratification. Implement them when an individual or group of employees creates a social solution or performance a great recycling labor.

Set social tasks and make them possible

With the mentioned social rewards, another great way to make your organization more socially friendly, you could set a social task or project that is among your business possibilities and then make it happen. Involving employees in social projects that they can actually accomplish will help up the morals and make you workers feel really useful which will definitely boost their performance while you really put your bit of sand to make the world better.