A social entrepreneur is known to be the businessperson that manages an organization in the best possible way. Their role in society is as big as they can be; they can create new businesses, boosting jobs for people, embark on new projects and last but not least, contribute to solve the problems society has, such as the part they play in education. Nevertheless, we should ask ourselves, what can a businessperson do to improve education? It goes beyond charity.

Some social entrepreneurs might have the position they have because of their family, but most innovative and creative executives often come from humble beginnings, so they know how harsh the world can be to a poor kid from a village.

Seeing the big picture

Instead of staying with the traditional education method, entrepreneurs promote changing the rules in order to make education useful to interact with the world and exploring ways of learning.

Growing Home is a social enterprise that was created to help Chinese children that live in rural areas while their parents work in the city. Every evening, it tells bedtime stories to kids for 15 minutes, and the results gained from this project were astonishingly effective.

Challenge the system

Social entrepreneurs go beyond what´s expected to help both children and teachers think bigger by seeking for a better way of reaching them and making them understand the world they are living in. Entrepreneurs propose subjects in schools such as Critical and Creative Thinking, due to the vast information that it´s laying out there for grabs on the Internet, that way they can innovate, question, and solve problems not only in the board, but also in their community.

Not only they propose to add subjects but also they using different methods; the board and quizzes seem dull; they promote documentaries and news to make children understand a class much better; music to help them create, and stories that come from fiction but can also help them understand their reality.

A creative businessperson will go beyond a charity event in which people give donations to any school; that person would go to that school and begin a project with the students on how to understand and also with teachers on how to transmit knowledge, social entrepreneurs do this because they know that if he can change education, they have chance of changing the world.