Social Entrepreneurship Educator & Speaker
Subhanshu Pandey

Subhanshu Pandey, the founder Holy Point ITI, is a Business Analyst with Fortune 500 who believes in promoting education for all, women empowerment and cleanliness.

Subhanshu being a man of passion, full of energy with excellent public speaking skills exposes to audiences of his workshops and events his different ideology of equality for all races, gender, and age.  Through his vast expertise in social entrepreneurship, he educates his audiences on how they can become social entrepreneurs without losing profits.

Due to his eloquence and confidence, he takes his audiences on a trip around various facets of the business life with practical examples and an excellent mix of experience. Furthermore, due to his motivational and inspirational ability, he inspires and motivates his audiences to be agents of change as social entrepreneurs in their society.

A seat at his event is an enjoyable experience to anyone in life. A trial will convince you.