Many people talk about the importance society should give to education. We often hear that schools should be stricter to improve; we hear this from political debates to family dinner. But still, the more we try to develop the traditional system, the more we spent on things staying the same. Nelson Mandela said that education was a most powerful weapon that could change the world. The question still remains, how do we change education to have a new world?

Education within the Prussian System

Nowadays, schools around the globe share the origin of their education system on the Prussian model. This system rates kids in grades, from inferior to superior, rookie to senior. It establishes an illusory difference between children that share the same search for knowledge.

Mostly, the grades we get in high school tend to define who we are in the eyes of family and society; teachers might think a student would have no future as a scholar because of his mediocre grades. However, when we get to college we have the chance to explore our potential, we are studying what we want, and not what we have to learn, so the kid who got straight A´s might flunk at Engineering, or the kid who got C´S at Math might have perfect grades in Art School. High school grades don´t mean anything because we´re forced to learn subjects that have no connection with ourselves, and we need to change this if we want a new world.

It has been more than two hundred years since the creation of the Prussian system, and still governments think it´s better for children to know how a frog looks from the inside than differentiating a lie from the truth.

Democracy and Education

We also live in a society in which democracy is seen as the best political system; nevertheless we miss to acknowledge the connection between democracy and education. We seek not the opinion of the majority but freedom, and freedom cannot be accomplished in ignorance, therefore voting isn´t the root of democracy, education is, that´s why it was first established in a civilization filled with philosophers

To wrap up, if we change the educational system, we will have critical thinkers instead of robots, creators instead of sheep, new business instead of new workers, and that can lead to a true change in society. Mandela was right.